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Letter from the editors // Summer 2016

Aife Magazine

Welcome to Aífe, for the goddess in all of us. Aife combines facets of our favorite magazines through strong interviews, epic imagery, illustrations, literary essays and poetry.

In this, our first issue, you’ll find the beginning of our exploration of the question, What is an American Goddess? We seek to explore this idea because the ethos of the Goddess, which is practically universal in cultures that continue to embrace their mythical backgrounds, is lacking in America.

But though the effigy may be absent, the American Goddess is still strong in all of us, whether individually embraced or lying latent within our souls. The essays contained in this issue come from women during times of struggle and illness, physical and emotional trials, dark days of the soul. Others celebrate epic reflection, modern day success stories, and some of woman’s brightest moments. Through these adventures and misadventures, our heroines grow more connected to themselves and their inner Goddesses.

For our inaugural issue, we’ve chosen a theme that encompasses our journey up to this moment. An idea born from a conversation between two friends, writers auditing a travel and food writing class, morphed into a tangible product. Aífe is a voice for women and a platform for artistic and intellectual expression.

Aífe is a magazine that you can explore with all five senses. Smell the aroma from the ink of our words on the recycled pulp. Bite off a corner and taste it, if you choose. Feel its weight and listen as you flip through her pages. See the words and absorb them into your being. Take the journey with us.

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