• Heather Mills Messner

Letter from the editors // Fall/Winter 2016

Welcome to our second issue of Aífe: For the Goddess in all of us. The roots from the first issue of Aífe took hold, and we received ample positive feedback as well as many suggestions and ideas for contributions for this, the second issue.

People approached me on the street—“I have a great idea for Aífe!”—practically grabbing and shaking me. My eyes would light up when I heard someone speak these words.

We think everyone has a story burning inside them, dying to get out—a page whose words can be manipulated, reflected upon, and studied, perhaps learning something never known before. A couple of brave souls actually took me up on the offer and you will find their personal stories in this issue.

My fitness coach suggested including stories about mother-daughter relationships and the theme magically emerged in submissions. Our theme for the issue spread even deeper, from ‘Harvesting Abundance’ to the plentitude of Mother Earth’s bounty; harvesting relationships, sustenance, and all that we can reap and sow in this world.

Sticking to our mission of empowering women to tell their story through an artistic platform, also within these pages you will find intimate essays, reflective poetry, stunning art, and photography. Our news stories sniff out less publicized topics, spotlighting the quirky, eccentric, and enlightening muse our world provides.

Once again, portrayed on these pages are brave women, some self-proclaimed “not-writers” or “not-artists.” All are honing their craft, even if still evolving as artists, and people, too.

Thanks for reading,

Heather Mills Messner

Managing Editor

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