• Heather Mills Messner

Letter from the editor // Summer/Fall 2018

When Laura and I started Aífe while auditing a Travel and Food Writing class in 2016, much of our inspiration derived from our own desire to travel. Previous issues contain snippets of our adventures and those of our contributors. Thus, the decision to dedicate an entire issue to “Women’s Travel” was an easy one.

Laura has since taken her travels to the next level, spawned by a spontaneous trip to Iceland and the Netherlands, making a permanent move to The Hague, Netherlands. Like many of the stories you will read in the pages of this issue, Laura followed her heart and soul’s wanderlust to experience the splendor of a less-mundane life. Realizing the beautiful mountain valley and community she knew for many years had played itself out, she took the leap to start a new life in Europe. She continues to work as a freelance editor/writer, which also allows her the freedom to take in the sights, smells and sounds of her new foreign home.

The essays in this issue showcase an underlying theme of acting on impetus. Following an inkling to re-boot one’s system, gain a new perspective or self-reflect, relax and re-center. Whether it be a solo adventure, signing up for a guided tour, competing in a sport, a desire to serve or simply check something off the bucket list. These women did not merely dream about their passions, they made plans and made it happen.

The world is your oyster. We hope you find inspiration within these pages.

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